Shopping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We use EMS delivery service from Indonesia and forwarded by USPS or Post Office in your country. You will not be charged additional fee for shipping, we have free shipping for you. Guarantee your package until it is 99% and if your package is not up then we will replace it according to our Terms of Service.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

The time required for the delivery of your package is 5 – 14 days, if more than that there may be a disaster in some transit countries. Until now we have not received any news or seen that our parcel shipments are not up to the recipient’s hand and we believe all our kratom packages are safe.

Why is the price you offer more expensive?

Because we offer high quality Kratom and have passed the standardization of quality Kratom Powder. The price we offer also includes delivery warranty, product quality warranty and free shipping, we think it is worth the price we offer.

Do you accept Wholesale Kratom order?

Yes, of course we accept wholesale or bulk orders. We open the opportunity for businessmen to resell these kratom products in each country or region. We are ready to serve the order in whatever amount they need, you need to know that until now we are able to serve orders kratom 20 Ton one week. Our offer will always be there for those who want to sell kratom back in bulk with the best price. Those who do orders in bulk will get a special price, you can see our special offer price here.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We only accept payment using Western Union, MoneyGram, BitCoin and Bank Transfer.

What if the transfer fee is charged to the recipient ?

The interbank transfer fee is $ 40, that’s not a small amount for us. So if the buyer does it without our knowledge and our agreement, then we will send the buyer kratom package less than the previous order amount (Amount minus 1kg). For example, the buyer orders 3kg and the buyer sends us money and the bank transfer fee is charged to us. Then we will only send 2kg to the buyer. Please pay close attention and please understand this rule before placing an order.

Why do not we accept PayPal ?

Because we have been blocked several times on our PayPal account for sales of Kratom, so at that time we decided not to use PayPal for payment method because it is very unsafe.